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Give your morning a kick-start with a green, power smoothie

Pre-blending smoothie

When I need a quick energy boost to kick start the day, or just need to boost my intake of healthy green veg or berries, I turn to my green, power smoothie. Sugar-free, full of healthy goodness, and tastier than it looks, it’s just what I need to give myself a boost.

Simply chuck the following ingredients into a blender and hit the button:

  • two or three tablespoons of Greek yoghurt;
  • a handful of torn baby spinach leaves;
  • a handful each of raspberries and blueberries (I use frozen berries at this time of year, so much cheaper and tastier than the what is flown in from Peru);
  • a splash of almond milk;
  • throw in some ice cubes if you want your smoothie chilled and haven’t used frozen berries.
Power smoothie ingredients

Power smoothie ingredients – greek yoghurt, almond milk, spinach, raspberries and blueberries

Drink and go. Done, dusted. I don’t like eating too much before training and find this gives me the energy I need for a morning training session, seeing me through to a protein filled brekky afterwards.

There are endless variations on this that you could try. A banana works well to bulk it out a bit and add to the energy boost, but with eight spoonfuls of sugar in each banana use them sparingly.

Power smoothie

Not the most appetising to look at but taster than you’d think!

Let me know if you try this smoothie – what do you think? What variations on this power smoothie have you tried? I’d love to hear.



  1. I make mine almost the same but instead of yogurt add a banana. I also like to add frozen mango! And I agree – it’s not always pretty but it sure tastes good!

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    • Ooh, I’ll give the medjool dates a try sometime, although full-one sugar addiction seems to have crept back in so this may have to wait until I’ve kicked the habit again!

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