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What I love…March

Welcome to my new monthly series of posts, ‘What I love…’. Each month I’ll present a quick pictorial round up of the beautiful, useful or just plain joyful things that are rocking my world.

With my focus firmly on my new home I’ll always include new bits and pieces I’ve added to it, or something that’s coming in particularly useful,  but there could also be a beauty product, a gift I’ve been given, or something that’s just too plain lovely to ignore. Oh and I’ll probably drop in a mention of the book I’m currently reading…


1. The first mention has to go to the beautiful 1930s vintage rug that I bought recently from Lavender House Vintage. It’s just stunning, I’ve never seen anything quite like it so when a picture of it popped up on the LHV Facebook page I knew I had to have it. It has been given pride of place next to my bed, and not a day goes by when I’d don’t stop to admire it.


image2. The Family Cooks by Laurie David. This book is quickly becoming my food bible. Chiming in with my clean-eating ethos my brother bought me this for Christmas and it’s full of great ideas, recipes and information about cooking from scratch, and is particularly great for those with young kids. The summer porridge recipe is going down particularly well with me right now.


image3. My Keepcup. I had one of these in Australia, but somehow it got mislaid in the move back. Now I’m making my coffee at home, I needed a travel cup for the times – every work morning – when I don’t have time to linger over coffee and need to jump in the car and go. I love it, and so does the planet.


Irises on my doorstep4. Irises on my doorstep. A beautiful daily reminder that spring is in the air. Another gift from my (gardening guru) brother.




Bring Up the Bodies - Hilary Mantel

5. The book at my bedside: Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, the second novel in her trilogy about Thomas Cromwell, a man of low birth who became one of the most influential statesmen to Henry VIII. I read ‘Wolf Hall’ several years ago when it won the Man Booker prize, and after watching the gripping TV series that was recently on BBC2 based on both books, I simply had to download Bring Up the Bodies onto my Kindle straight away. The third is yet to come.  So at the moment, I look forward to getting lost in the world of political intrigue and Anne Boleyn before I fall asleep every evening.

What are you loving this month? What particular things in your life are bringing you joy, pleasure or a sense of satisfaction? Follow me on Twitter @luluandpoppet and let me know using the hashtag #whatilove.


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