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Summer porridge

Fresh summer porridge to go

Breakfast needs to be ready quickly in my house. There’s not time to faff about preparing anything. Grab and eat is best, so this summer porridge recipe I found in my current food bible, The Family Cooks, ticks all the boxes. I’ve often intended to prepare a week’s worth of bircher muesli in advance but have never gotten around to gathering all the ingredients and getting organised enough to do it. This recipe has a similar principle, but is much simpler, and I’ve added in a couple of shortcuts of my own – a bought muesli, and frozen berries. You’ll need: Air tight jars (I use three 500ml Kilner jars) A cup of rolled oats, or raw muesli. I use Wessex Mill’s The Millers Muesli. 3 cups of Greek yoghurt. I prefer full fat, it just tastes better. Two large apples, grated. 3 tablespoons of honey. A cup of frozen berries. I always have frozen raspberries and blueberries in the freezer. Mix it all together in a large bowl. Spoon into your jars and store in the fridge. …

Working lunch

Get prepared for healthy, budget friendly working lunches

Do you run out to Pret/Sainsburys Local/M&S to grab a sandwich when you’re at work? Until recently that’s exactly what I did, but if you’re trying to eat clean or counting calories then leaving yourself at the mercy of cafes and supermarkets for lunch is temptation you can do without. As someone who never used to both checking calories on the food I bought, I was surprised to find that the sandwiches I was buying from Sainsbury’s averaged around 450 calories.