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My landing strip

From cluttered hallway to streamlined landing strip

I’ve recently organised my hallway – the first area of our new home to get ‘done’ and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved. The fact I’ve done it with a little bit of help from Ikea, after promising to only furnish my new place with vintage finds, is beside the point. Lets gloss over that for now. I love my new hallway – vintage finds or not. Advertisements

The beginning of a living room mood board

Early 2015 is going to be a whole new start for me and little Miss Poppet – we are moving into the first new home we’ll own together. I’ve owned homes by myself but since Miss P was born I’ve lived in rented houses, or with my mother. This will be our first grown up house and it can’t happen soon enough. Roll on the New Year and a new start in our own home.