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Summer porridge

Fresh summer porridge to go

Breakfast needs to be ready quickly in my house. There’s not time to faff about preparing anything. Grab and eat is best, so this summer porridge recipe I found in my current food bible, The Family Cooks, ticks all the boxes. I’ve often intended to prepare a week’s worth of bircher muesli in advance but have never gotten around to gathering all the ingredients and getting organised enough to do it. This recipe has a similar principle, but is much simpler, and I’ve added in a couple of shortcuts of my own – a bought muesli, and frozen berries. You’ll need: Air tight jars (I use three 500ml Kilner jars) A cup of rolled oats, or raw muesli. I use Wessex Mill’s The Millers Muesli. 3 cups of Greek yoghurt. I prefer full fat, it just tastes better. Two large apples, grated. 3 tablespoons of honey. A cup of frozen berries. I always have frozen raspberries and blueberries in the freezer. Mix it all together in a large bowl. Spoon into your jars and store in the fridge. …

My living room

My heart belongs in my living room

I love my living room. Usually it’s the kitchen that usually gets the honour of being the heart of any home but for me my living room is where it’s at. Sprawled on the sofa wrapped in Designer’s Guild blanket, or sitting on the rug doing a puzzle with Poppet, its the living room I gravitate to as soon as the day’s work is done. It’s where I’m sitting typing this post right now, and where I was earlier snuggling up with Poppet before she went to bed. It sees all of the action in our home. One of my first posts on this blog was my living room mood board. We hadn’t moved in yet, and I had started to piece together a vision of what my living room would look like. Some of my pieces I had for years, other were new and the mood board helped me see how it would all work together. Now you can see how it all came together in the picture above. Not bad hey? You can check the mood board post …

Six books that changed my life

Today I want to share with you six books that hold some deep significance in my life. These are books that are not just great reads, or beautiful to look at, they also represent a part of me, or they enlightened me in some way. For me reading a great book is the ultimate luxury. Losing myself in a spellbinding book is the ultimate escapism. I can lose myself in a book in a way that I don’t find possible with any other medium. But there are some books that do even more than this. They exemplify a key time in your life, or change what or how you think. As a result hold a special power over you thereafter. The reason I decided to share these books with today is because I recently retrieved several boxes of my stuff that have been stored in my mum’s garden shed for the last seven years. I packed them up when I moved to Sydney in 2008 and I’d forgotten they were there to be honest. Two of these boxes, the …


Self-care Sunday is here…

What’s your Sunday routine? How do you get ready for the week ahead? I don’t work on Mondays so I don’t have quite the same Sunday as most other people. It frees me up to have totally indulgent, lazy Sunday. Proper self-care if ever I’ve known it. I love working three days a week, it’s so liberating. I’d work less if I could, but damn it, I have to pay the bills somehow. As a result, my Sundays are truly my own. No Sunday night blues – dreading work the next day, and worrying about the week ahead. No, I just get to kick back and take care of me and mine. As for most, Sundays are usually a family day. Poppet and I are most likely to be found hanging out with ‘Granny’, either at our place or at her house – the house I grew up in. My brother and his partner sometimes join us. These are the kind of Sundays I missed hugely when I lived in Sydney, and as a result I appreciate …

New Year's Eve 2009

Life is one big adventure

It’s day two of Blog Every Day in May. If you’ve signed up with Rosalilium you’ll know that Elizabeth has set a topic for each day. Check out the topic calendar (and sign up to join the challenge too) on her website.  Some days I might not follow the subject plan but today the subject is ‘adventure’ and being an an adventurous type of gal I’ve got plenty to contribute to this topic. I’ve had many, many adventures in my 43 years. But rather than bore you with tales of my youth – deeply fascinating though they are – I thought I’d take you on a pictorial trip through a few of adventures of my lifetime.   Sadly, I wasn’t able to find any of my photos that pre-date 1995, so my adventures prior to that are missing from this montage. I toured the US when I was 19 – my first big adventure – and those pictures must be in a box at my mum’s house. I’ve moved houses, countries – and it seems lives – …

Relaxing with Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Wild by Cheryl Strayed: my truths laid bare

As soon as I read a review of the book Wild I knew I had to read it. Everything about it resonated with me. A solo adventure in the outdoors, breaking free from society’s normal rules and confines. But ultimately what grabbed me and drew me in irrevocably is hinted at in the sub-heading, ‘A Journey from Lost to Found’. Wild is ultimately a book about Cheryl Strayed’s journey through grief after the death of her mother.

My landing strip

From cluttered hallway to streamlined landing strip

I’ve recently organised my hallway – the first area of our new home to get ‘done’ and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved. The fact I’ve done it with a little bit of help from Ikea, after promising to only furnish my new place with vintage finds, is beside the point. Lets gloss over that for now. I love my new hallway – vintage finds or not.