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My landing strip

From cluttered hallway to streamlined landing strip

I’ve recently organised my hallway – the first area of our new home to get ‘done’ and I’m pretty proud of what I’ve achieved. The fact I’ve done it with a little bit of help from Ikea, after promising to only furnish my new place with vintage finds, is beside the point. Lets gloss over that for now. I love my new hallway – vintage finds or not. Advertisements

Working lunch

Get prepared for healthy, budget friendly working lunches

Do you run out to Pret/Sainsburys Local/M&S to grab a sandwich when you’re at work? Until recently that’s exactly what I did, but if you’re trying to eat clean or counting calories then leaving yourself at the mercy of cafes and supermarkets for lunch is temptation you can do without. As someone who never used to both checking calories on the food I bought, I was surprised to find that the sandwiches I was buying from Sainsbury’s averaged around 450 calories.

Bullet journal personalisation: make the system work for you

Did last week’s ‘Bullet journal basics’  post help you start to get control of your to-do lists and life plans? Hopefully you’re on your way to getting all those tasks and notes that are whirling around your head or in various notebooks or devices,  into one crisp new bullet journal, with a clear system for identifying long-term goals, priorities and deadlines. If you’re still getting to grips with the system, work with it for a good few weeks, let it become part of your routine. As you use it you may find you want to tweak things to make it work better for your individual way of doings. I’ve made several tweaks, additions and enhancements which I’m going to share with you today. First I tweaked the key: I fill in my task boxes and event circles, rather than tick them, once the task or appointment is completed and once I’d filled in the circles they looked too much like the circles used to signify a note. So instead of a circle for appointments I use a triangle. I …